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Ahh, subscription boxes. Subscription bags. Subscriptions…

Remember back in the day when there was Columbia House Record Club? Columbia House Record club sold records and tapes and CDs and if you became a member, every month you would receive a new “record” in the mail.

Well, I belonged to the Columbia House Record Club. I guess you can say that was my first subscription club. Since it was the 90s, I got CDs. I think that back then, you were able to buy one CD and then pick 12 CDs for a penny (or some great deal like that). Every month after that, Columbia house would send you a new CD. If you liked it, you kept it and were billed for the full price of it. If you didn’t like it, you just mailed it back. 

Well, I guess times have changed. There is a new spin on that. Now there are subscription boxes. Monthly boxes filled with snacks, beauty products, you name it.

My first subscription box was Urthbox, a monthly subscription box containing delicious organic and non-GMO healthy snacks.

Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly

I tried it a couple of years ago when I tried being a vegan (which only lasted for 4 months) and needed some vegan snacks.

Try Vegan Snacks with UrthBox Today!

They delivered!!! Every box was filled with delicious vegan snacks for me to try. It was  great. It was so fun to receive a box every month filled with snacks. Especially snacks that I had never seen or tried before. What a great way to discover and try new things! 

They have 4 options: classic, gluten free, vegan and diet. 

There are 4 different box sizes: “Mini” for the casual snacker with 6+ snacks. “Small” for the part time snacker with 12+ snacks. “Medium” for the happy snacker with 1+ snacks. And “large” for the pro-snacker with 25+ snacks.

And shipping to the U.S.A. is free.

Right now, Urthbox is having a couple of deals:

Gluten Free Snackers Rejoice – $10 Off an UrthBox Snack Box This deal is good until October 16, 2016.


Save $10 on a healthy box of snacks. Classic, Gluten Free, Vegan or Diet This deal is good until December 31, 2016

Like healthy snacking?

Try an UrthBox Snack Subscription!!!

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My Modcloth haul from the Labor Day sale

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So I posted in the beginning of September about the Modcloth Labor Day sale. Modcloth is my favorite online clothing store. They specialize in vintage inspired clothing.

Well, I took advantage of that sale and look what I got!

A couple of dresses:

And don’t forget the shoes and accessories!

Fashion Alert… Modcloth now has a signature label!

The ModCloth Signature label collection contains even more unique fashions than ever, including a broader range of styles from quirky to classic and retro, plus a bevy of prints, patterns, and hues!

Here’s a little sample… check it out!

Modcloth shopping is fun!

Sweet Monday


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Flash sale for one day only at Modcloth.com 

It’s a new season…Fall! And better yet, Mercury is no longer retrograde! Mercury is direct! Yahoo! 

You know what that means…time for a shopping spree.

Disclosure: This post contains affilitate links

Today only, Modcloth is having a flash sale. 40% off select fall faves. Use code CANTWAIT at checkout. 

So, let’s go shopping!

Sweet Monday 

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Modcloth Signature Label

Disclosure: This post contains affilitate links

Fashion news update!

ModCloth which is an online fashion brand known and loved for their vintage-inspired styles — is elevating their look. They now have a signature label!

The ModCloth Signature label collection contains even more unique fashions than ever, including a broader range of styles from quirky to classic and retro, plus a bevy of prints, patterns, and hues!

Check ‘em out now and find something to suit your every mood and moment.

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Scrapbook using Instagram photos

Here’s a great scrapbook idea. Make a scrapbook using your Instagram photos!

I printed my Instagram photos  from 2013, 2014 and 2015 using Foxprint.com. I used Foxprint.com because they have a square size which is perfect for printing Instagram photos.

Currently, I am working on 2013. Wow, 3 years ago…. Time flies…

I referred back to my Instagram feed to put the photos in chronological order. I also journaled in my scrapbook to give it that nice personalized touch. What I wrote in my scrapbook under each photo was the same thing that I wrote on my Instagram for each photo (minus the #hashtags).

I decorated with stickers and washi tape. I haven’t finished but it really didn’t take me long to do about 5 pages. I just want to get them in the book and done. I’m not a perfectionist and I welcome creativity. So that helps get the job done and less stressful.

It’s also so much fun to reminisce and recall fun past events.

Happy scrapbooking,

Sweet Monday

“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them”. -Bob Dylan


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