Boho Orange cloth napkins

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Cloth napkins are eco-conscious and earth-friendly. Perhaps you already use cloth napkins to dress up your table for dinner or tea parties. Or maybe you are interested in green living.  Either way, what a great way to conserve the earth’s resources and go green by using cloth napkins to prevent land pollution and waste.

“Boho Orange” cloth napkins are great for everyday use.

They have a boho style that would be beautiful for use at a bohemian style picnic or party.

This is a set of 8 cloth napkins.

Hope you like it!


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I love donuts… donut you too?

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Anyone who knows me knows that I love donuts… Not only do I love donuts, but I love anything donuts.

Donuts in the summer?

Why not.

A donut swimsuit!

Gigantic Pink Donut Blanket!      


Donut Drink Holders!

Donuts by the ocean…

Planning a donut themed party? Here are some donut items to go with your donut party:

Lollipops party favors (the donut lollipop is my favorite one in case you haven’t figured that out yet)

Donut Party Invitations

 A donut button!

Cute ideas! Donut you think?

Need a donut coffee mug to go with your donut(s)?

Want to show your donut Love? How about a donut love t-shirt?

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts…


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Palmolive Fusion Clean Dish soap

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from Influenster.



So I got my first Vox box from Influenster and even better, it’s a Super Mom Vox box! Lots of great products to test and review for the whole family.

One of them being the Palmolive Fusion Clean ultra dish soap with baking soda and lime. So it claims that that it can remove even 24 hour stuck on food. Ok, now I can’t say that when I tried it, my plates had 24 hour stuck on food on them, but it definitely had 18 hour food stuck on them and I must say, it did the job and now that you know my cleaning habits, yes, there have been times when there was a sink full of 24 hour stuck on food on my plates. And this soap will give me the perfect excuse to make sure that happens again!

But I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Influenster meant by “write a review”…

so lets get down to the nitty gritty.


Palmolive Fusion dish soap is a great product. I feel like the baking soda that is infused in the soap really helps get the dishes clean. I felt like I had to scrub less because of it and it did the job. It had a great scent (that would be lime). And because it’s an “ultra” formula, a little bit goes a long way and even that little bit made lots of suds and bubbles, which I feel cleans the dishes well…So squeaky clean. Not only did it make a good amount of suds and bubbles, but it rinsed those suds and bubbles very well! An added plus. And guess what? It’s phosphate free.





I grew up using Palmolive dish soap to wash dishes. My mom uses it (and still does). I trust it alot. You can’t go wrong with a product that has proven to be a quality product time after time.

Allow me to review.
* sudsy bubbles
* ultra formula
*a little goes a long way
*rinses well and takes off the toughest residue and stuck on food
*baking soda fusion with lime makes not only a great cleaning combo but smells great too
*phosphate free
*a tried and true quality brand
…I can go on and on but I should add some CONS:
*my sample bottle was too little.
*that’s about it.
*so basically no cons
*but I feel like I should be fair and keep making bullet points so it’s even with the pros section



Just talking about this dish soap makes me want to wash the dishes again!


Nah, I’ll wait… I got 24 hours.

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Ideas on how to upcycle your k cups

Did you know that K cups are not fully recyclable? They are so convenient… and deliciously makes a perfect cup of coffee. They are mommy’s happy little helpers in the morning. In fact, I don’t know what I would do without them. I am becoming addicted to K cups! Ever since we bought our SECOND K cup coffee maker:



OMG… that is beautiful (Coffee porn…)

Our first one, an actual Keurig, took a dump. I tried and I tried to fix it.  I watched many youtube videos and tutorials, but to no avail. Anyway, I digress…

K cups are not fully recyclable. As my husband keeps reminding me to purposely put guilt in my heart (oh yes you do).

I did some research and here’s what I found:


“K-Cups, Keurig’s single-serving coffee pods, are made of multiple components, including an aluminum foil lid, a fiber/plastic blend filter, and a #7 plastic exterior. As with other mixed-material items, the materials would need to be separated before they could be processed. Keurig acknowledges that K-Cups are not recyclable at this time but notes that they intend for them to be fully recyclable by 2020.”

and that you can recycle k cups “only if you separate the pod components. “K-Cup® pods consist of a combination of plastic, aluminum, organic material (coffee grounds) and a paper filter. While all said items can be easily recycled separately, the K-Cup® pod as a whole cannot be recycled ” by

Now, there are ways to resolve your guilt. Either you stop using K-cups (Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!)

Image result for crying emoticon gif

Wait until 2020 to buy the fully recyclable k cups (again, Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!)

Image result for crying emoticon gif

Or purchase a recycle a cup cutter.  You can purchase one at

You can also upcycle your K cups! What? Upcycle you say? I love upcycling!

So I did more research and I found these great ideas on how to reuse or upcycle your k cups:

25 ways to reuse k cups by

33 genius ways to reuse your k cups by

20 crafty uses for k cups by Mother Nature Network.

how to reuse your k cups  by Good Housekeeping

how to reuse your k cups by

I’m going to use mine to make little succulent planters.

By the way, taking a k cup apart is not easy. You have to rip out the foil top, scoop out the coffee grounds and the hardest part, rip off the filter. Lots of work. Totally kills the convenience of it. But totally worth it if you don’t want to give up your k cup coffee addiction. And totally worth it if you don’t want to kill the earth (ouch, guilt pangs hurt…)

Ok, baby succulent planters for everyone!

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A party for my girl: chevron boho banner


Sabrina loved the banner that I made for her boho themed birthday party. It totally matched the invitation.


She asked to take it back to her apartment at school so she can decorate her room. She said that she had been wanting to buy a banner similar to it, but with longer fabric strips.

To make this banner, I used:

  • twine
  • fabric- chevron, black and gold
  • fabric glue
  • small clothespins


I started by creating the main part of the banner. I cut the black fabric into a big rectangle, laid a gold strip of fabric on top and then another smaller rectangular piece of chevron fabric on top. I used fabric glue to glue it all together. To attach the banner to the twine, I used two small clothespins. They held the banner up very well. It did not fall apart once.

I cut same sized strips of the fabric. I had 18 in total: 6 chevron, 6 black and 6 gold strips.


Instead of tying the fabric onto the twine, I tied the twine onto the fabric. I laid the piece of fabric on top of the twine and vertical to it. Then, I folded the fabric in half over the twine so that when I tied the twine together in a knot, it would hold the fabric in place. I did this 9 times on one side and 9 times on the other side. I made sure that the fabric pieces were tied 1 inch apart.

I used 2 additional clothespins to hang the banner.

A fun project and easy to make.

Sweet Monday




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A party for my girl: DIY party favor bags

Party bags are great. What guest doesn’t want a party bag? I made a party bag for Sabrina’s birthday party to match the boho chevron theme.


I had made these bags before. Check out this post for a how-to:

DIY party bag favors


I cut the chevron fabric into tiny chevrons and used vellum quotes. I used fabric glue to glue the chevrons to the bag. I taped the quotes on with clear tape.



I used these bags for the candy bar I had set up. Guests could fill their bags with candy, candy, candy!




Oh, candy…20160507_144106.jpg

I used the bottom part of the paper bags for popcorn for the guests to munch on.


Party hardy,

Sweet Monday

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A party for my girl: mason jar planters


I made mason jar planters with a boho chevron theme for my daughter’s birthday party. I started with small mason jars. I took a little succulent and planted it in the jar with some fresh cactus soil.


I wanted the planters to match the banner.


Since the main part of the banner had a black rectangle and a gold strip, I copied that concept for the mason jar planters. I cut the chevron fabric into chevrons. I used fabric glue to glue the fabric together and also to glue the fabric onto the mason jar.

I kind of liked how the fabric ended up unraveling. I think it gave it a kind of shabby chic look.



So match-y, match-y…


Extra bonus: you can give away the planters as party favors at the end of the party.


Happy planting,

Sweet Monday



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A party for my girl: the big day

The big day was finally here. Sabrina’s 21st birthday party. I sure was tired from preparing all week, but also very excited. I couldn’t wait for Sabrina to see the special party that I had prepared for her. She had requested a house party with family. She wanted me to surprise her with whatever theme I wanted to decorate with and I think I did.  It was a boho theme, using mostly chevrons. She was happy with the set up.

I sent her a couple sneak peeks throughout the week.

Here are some pictures of the actual day:

I made a banner using mint green chevron fabric as well as black and gold fabric.  I used more chevron fabric as accent pieces on the table. I bought mint green wall art from the Target dollar section (cost $3). It read “Peace Love and Happy Hour”. A boho design that went perfect for this 21 year old birthday party.


I made a candy bar. Lots and lots of candy. Too much candy. I bought bulk candy from Smart and Final but I found some mint green gumballs (the same color as the chevron fabric) in the party section at Target. So of course I had to get them.


I bought $1 black and gold buckets from Target to use as candy containers. I stuck some feathers in the candy buckets.


I made little brown paper bags as favor bags for the candy.




But while I was at Target, I found some treat cups in the exact same chevron colors as the theme for the party. Of course, I had to get them too!


And mint green paper straws…so cute.

I made mason jar succulent planters and decorated the front of the jar with the fabrics.

I had my son pop some kettle popcorn in the microwave and pour them into paper bags to place on the dining table.


and added more succulent planters on the table.

I bought some LED lights from the dollar section at Target ($3) and used them to decorate the main table.


And of course, I made “Sabi’s vanilla cupcakes”. 


I’ll be posting throughout the week on all my DIY adventures and creations that I made for this party. Stay tuned !


Today is Sabrina’s actual 21st birthday. I want to say:

I love you Sabi with all my heart. I am so happy and so proud to be your mother. You make me happy every single day. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. You are my sunshine.  Happy birthday!!!

A happy happy happy sweet Monday today,

Sweet Monday

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Sabi’s vanilla cupcakes, a delicious update


The cupcakes for Sabrina’s 21st birthday party turned out terrific.

Earlier in the week, I had made chevron cake toppers. I used hard cardstock scrapbook paper that I already had in my collection of paper. The design on the paper made it very easy to cut into chevrons:


I used a hot glue gun to adhere the toothpicks to the back of the chevrons I had cut.


I was lucky to already have pink chevron napkins. They went perfectly with the pink chevron cupcake toppers.


I made the vanilla cupcakes using a recipe that I found on You can find that recipe on this post.

You can also find the recipe for the delicious white frosting on this post.

Ta-da! Cupcakes!



imageSweet Monday

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