Palmolive Fusion Clean Dish soap

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from Influenster.


So I got my first Vox box from Influenster and even better, it’s a Super Mom Vox box! Lots of great products to test and review for the whole family.

One of them being the Palmolive Fusion Clean ultra dish soap with baking soda and lime. So it claims that that it can remove even 24 hour stuck on food. Ok, now I can’t say that when I tried it, my plates had 24 hour stuck on food on them, but it definitely had 18 hour food stuck on them and I must say, it did the job and now that you know my cleaning habits, yes, there have been times when there was a sink full of 24 hour stuck on food on my plates. And this soap will give me the perfect excuse to make sure that happens again!

But I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Influenster meant by “write a review”. So lets get down to the nitty gritty.


Palmolive Fusion dish soap is a great product. I feel like the baking soda that is infused in the soap really helps get the dishes clean. I felt like I had to scrub less because of it and it did the job. It had a great scent (that would be lime). And because it’s an “ultra” formula, a little bit goes a long way and even that little bit made lots of suds and bubbles, which I feel cleans the dishes well…So squeaky clean. Not only did it make a good amount of suds and bubbles, but it rinsed those suds and bubbles very well! An added plus. And guess what? It’s phosphate free.

I grew up using Palmolive dish soap to wash dishes. My mom uses it (and still does). I trust it alot. You can’t go wrong with a product that has proven to be a quality product time after time. Allow me to review.

* sudsy bubbles
* ultra formula
*a little goes a long way
*rinses well and takes off the toughest residue and stuck on food
*baking soda fusion with lime makes not only a great cleaning combo but smells great too
*phosphate free
*a tried and true quality brand

I can go on and on but I should add some CONS:
*my sample bottle was too little.
*that’s about it.
*so basically no cons
*but I feel like I should be fair and keep making bullet points so it’s even with the pros section…

Just talking about this dish soap makes me want to wash the dishes again! Nah, I’ll wait… I’ve got 24 hours.image

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