Fuelbaby Bottles

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for reviewing purposes

I received an 8 ounce Fuelbaby bottle for review. These baby bottles are fantastic! Fuelbaby bottles save time and are so convenient. The design of the bottle allows the mother an extra convenience so that they can be on the go with their baby and not have to worry about the hassle of putting together water and formula for their baby’s bottle.  It’s all ready to go! The bottle allows you to prep your child’s formula at home and in advance so you don’t have to deal with measuring formula or adding water later.

Fuelbaby bottles when prepped are ready to go, mix when needed and allow you to feed your baby anywhere. In addition, this product is designed for a clump free and perfect feed.

Fuelbaby bottles are BPA free, completely non-toxic and safe for baby to use.

The design of the bottle allows convenience, time saving and a perfectly blended bottle of formula. First, you scoop the formula into the fueler. Below is a picture of the agitator which is the little ball and the fueler, which is the little compartment at the bottom of the bottle.

Then you press and hold the bottom of the fueler while fixing the agitator to the fueler. This keeps it tight and sealed from the water compartment. You then twist and secure the fueler to the bottle body.

You fill the bottle body with water. It is now ready to transport and you can go…go…go… When you are ready to feed your baby, just press the bottom of the fueler to release the agitator and the formula into the water compartment. You then shake the bottle. The agitator allows for a perfect mix. Your baby is now ready to enjoy his/her bottle!

I tried it myself and it worked perfectly. No mess, great design and no leaking! The nipple is anti-colic and the bottle is easy for your baby to grip.

Fuelbaby bottles come in three pretty colors.

These Fuelbaby bottles are also very easy to clean. The pieces can be handwashed but they are also dishwasher safe. After I tested the bottle, I cleaned it using the diswasher and it worked great! Very easy to clean!

These bottles are also microwave safe. If you use the microwave to heat your baby’s formula, just make sure that the powder and the water are mixed together completely before heating it in the microwave.

Go to Fuelbaby.com to order these time-saving and convenient bottles. Especially if you’re a mommy who is always on the go with your little baby. You will see how great these bottles are to use!

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