Febreze ONE 

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for reviewing purposes.

I received the Febreze ONE fabric and air mist from Bzzagent and I must say I love how it uses no aerosols, no dyes and no heavy perfumes. It really takes away the odors from your clothes. I also use it on the couch and bed and it works great to freshen up the room.

It is light in fragrance and natural. The odor eliminator is derived from corn. It can’t get any more natural than that. Also you can reuse the sprayer by refilling the bottle which is great for the environment.

The sprayer has a great design because you can pump once for a light mist or you can pump three times for a longer, continuous spray. For example, I use 3 pumps for a longer spray on the couch, bed and shower curtain. Freshness…

I received 2 scents from Bzzagent- mandarin and bamboo. I like both, but bamboo is my favorite. It smells so natural.

The freshness and fragrance is light. Keep in mind that because it is non aerosol and not heavy in chemicals, the scent doesn’t last a very long time compared to the traditional air fresheners. But it still does the trick of eliminating odors and knowing that it’s a better alternative to the environment makes it a good choice.

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