On my baking bucket list: Buchi (sesame seed balls)

Buchi balls (or sesame seed balls) are glutinous rice balls filled with sweetened red bean paste and covered in sesame seeds. They are delicious deep fried goodness.

I’ve had these treats at Chow King, which is a Filipino fast food restaurant. You can definitely find them at Chinese restaurants where they are served as a dessert, especially when you go for dim sum.

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine or brunch. Bite-sized portions of food are served on small plates. Dim sum dishes are usually served with tea.

These treats are served as a dessert but they are so rich and filling that they can also be a snack.

I found a couple of Filipino recipes for buchi or sesame seed balls at filipinostylerecipe.com and also at kawalingpinoy.com.  If you would like to try the Chinese sesame seed ball recipe, you can try this recipe I found at thespruce.com. The recipes are pretty similar.

They all include ingredients of water, brown sugar, glutinous rice flour, sweetened red bean paste, sesame seeds and sesame seed soil for deep frying.

Someday I will try to make these delicious treats. Until then, dim sum!

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