DIY tea party with scones and lemon curd

I felt like having a tea party. So I found my favorite tea pot, some cloth napkins, my favorite Tinkerbell tea mug from my Uncle and my favorite little saucer. My favorite part of any tea party are the scones and lemon curd. I decided to whip up some homemade scones and lemon curd.

I found the scones recipe from The scones came out moist and delicious. It was also very light and airy. I believe that is because of the 5 teaspoons of baking powder in the recipe. It’s been a long time since I’ve made scones so I was surprised with how many teaspoons of baking powder went in the recipe. The baking powder definitely helped the batter to rise enough and make enough bubbles in the batter to make a very light and airy scone.

The dough was pretty tricky to handle because it was so sticky, but I managed. Instead of making scones that were triangular, I made them circular since it was easier to drop them onto the baking sheet.

I also made mini scones using a mini cupcake tin. They came out great!

Next, I made the lemon curd. I found the lemon curd recipe at It was very easy to make. I’m lucky to have a lemon tree in my backyard so I picked a nice big lemon for this recipe.

I have never made lemon curd before so I was surprised to find out that there are eggs and butter in the recipe. Also, it has to chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Our tea party turned out great. The scones and lemon curd were delicious.

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Dreamy Creations Cupcakes 


Have you tried a Dreamy Creations  cupcake? I have and they are delicious. A couple years back, their food truck came to our location at work and of course, I fell in line to try a cupcake. I have to admit that I don’t remember which cupcake I bought, but I do remember it being very delicious! I also remembered liking the way that they packaged it. It was packaged very pretty in a little box with a sticker on it.

I didn’t eat it right away. I brought it home to share. Since nobody at home likes sweets the way I do, I actually ate the rest. It was the most pleasurable 15 minutes of that day. Ok, maybe it was more like 5 minutes. Anyway, that’s my memory of the last time I had a Dreamy Creations cupcake.

So you can imagine that since I was in the Northridge area recently ( in the San Fernando Valley in L.A.), I had to go the Dreamy Creations Bakery to get a cupcake.

The bakery is located at 19441 Business Center Dr. Unit 114 in Northridge, CA. It’s tucked away in a little street so you have to search for it. The bakery is so cute. My son and I went in to check out the cupcakes. I heard from a friend that her favorite is the Campfire cupcake. I later learned that this is their number one best seller. The Campfire cupcake is made with vanilla butter cake. It is topped with homemade sweet caramel frosting and covered in mini marshmallows. They toast the marshmallows on top so it’s kind of like a s’more!

I bought a Creme Brulee cupcake. OMG! It was delicious. A Creme Brulee cupcake is made with vanilla butter cake and topped with homemade custard. They also add some brûléed sugar on top. When I bought it, they took it to the back to torch it. I also got a side of french frosting. They usually suggest this to go on the side. It was yummy!

Dreamy Creations  list of daily cupcakes include salted caramel brownie, double chocolate brownie, banana caramel chip, vanilla milk chocolate, black and white, cinnamon sugar, cookies and cream, double vanilla, red velvet, strawberry and birthday cake.

If you go and check in from Yelp, you can get a coupon for 1 free sweet cake with any purchase.

Check out their website at

and their Instagram  @dreamycreations

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