Do you want to learn how to sew? Start with a pillow!

An easy way to learn how to sew is to start with a pillow. When my daughter was 11 years old, she wanted to learn how to sew. She even received a sewing machine as a gift! She took a class at Joann’s and learned how to make a pillow. It was a cute little pink pillow and she was so proud of it.

Sewing a pillow is an easy sewing project which make it great for a beginner. Here’s a link you can go to for some step by step instructions:

I used these instructions last Christmas to make a pillow for my son. He was excited because he got to pick out the fabric he wanted for his pillow.

Cool Santa pillow

Here’s how you do it:
-Find the measurements of your pillow
-Cut 2 pieces of fabric the same measurements as your pillow making a 5/8 seam allowance
-With right sides together, sew using a 5/8 inch seam allowance along three sides of the pillow, leaving an opening to place the pillow inside
-Snip the corners
-turn right side out
-Fold in the last side of the pillow using a 5/8 inch seam allowance and iron it down to prepare it for sewing.
-Place your pillow inside.
-Sew the last side down and voila, your finished pillow!

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Simplicity 1355: A short story of a short jumper

I sewed something new! Okay, I sewed this back in April and it was my intention to wear it on my trip to Hawaii, but it never happened.  Why? Because there was a slight wardrobe malfunction with the jumper which I will describe later.

Simplicity 1355 is described as an easy-to-sew pattern which includes the option of choosing a long dress or a long or short jumper. Neckline options are V-neck or scoop with sliding tie. The back is either a crossover or a slit.

I chose view D for this pattern which is a short jumper. It has a scoop neckline with a sliding tie. The back is a slit. The waist is an elastic waist.

Simplicity 1355

This was my first time ever sewing shorts. I have never even sewn pants before so it was a learning experience. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The length of the shorts was a perfect length. I like the back slit. I chose a cotton fabric that was not too thin and was easy to sew with. Fabric options are batiks, challis, chambray, cotton types, crepe de chine, soft lightweight linen types and jersey. I think if I decide to sew this again, I will use chambray.

Now onto my slight wardrobe malfunction. I had a difficult time making the sliding tie. I made a fabric belt before in this way, but the belt I made before was thick. This sliding tie was so thin and I found it really difficult to sew together. This was the reason I didn’t get to wear it as planned.  I had no tie to keep the dress together at the top. I tried to hack the tie by using a black elastic. I thought an elastic would be a good idea since you need to untie the the tie in order to slip into the jumpsuit from the top part of the outfit. The elastic stretched enough to slip into the jumper but it didn’t look very good with the black elastic showing. Later, I found a black thin tie that I had from another dress. It seemed to work well, but of course, I didn’t pack the black tie in my suitcase so I didn’t get to wear my new outfit as planned.

But I will someday.

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