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Kids say the cutest things…

We came home Tuesday night to wilted flowers. I said “oh no! What are we gonna do?”. Joshua said “that’s okay mommy. They just need water and sunshine”. Awwwwww… that was just the cutest. I said to him, “Joshua, you are so smart!” Since the sun was already down, we took the flowers outside and Joshua watered them.

This morning Joshua asked me “where are all the birdies?” I noticed the same thing too. I didn’t hear any birds chirping this morning when I woke up. We talked about it and decided that maybe it’s because it was a little chilly this morning. Maybe the birdies are hanging out in their nests with their baby birdies but most likely the rolly-pollies are out. Joshua likes rolly-pollies. We usually see them out on chilly days on the walkway to the door of his preschool. We like to count them in the morning before I drop him off. During the day while I’m at work, Joshua likes to collect and keep them in his hand until I come and pick him up (yes…yuck).

Joshua told me that “birdies eat bugs, daddy told me that. Do birdies eat rolly-pollies?”.”Son, that’s a good question! Let’s find out later”. Anyway, there were rolly-pollies this morning. We counted seven.

Later when I picked him up from school and we went home, we researched and found out that birds do eat rolly pollies and that female birds can eat them for calcium to make their eggs healthier. I asked Joshua if he knew that and he said “ya”. Hahaha, kids say the cutest things.

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Sweet Monday after a lovely weekend

What a wonderful and lovely weekend. First off, I got to witness a beautiful couple who have been together for 13 years get married. The bride was beautiful, the ceremony was awesome and I was so happy to be a part of it. I will never forget it. It filled my heart with happiness.

Second, my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! So we have a new addition to our family! I can’t wait to meet her!My husband planted more flowers in the planter leading up to the front door. So pretty. Flowers always make me happy.

It was Mother’s Day and one of the best things about it was that I got to sleep in. For my mother’s day gifts, Joshua surprised me with a homemade gift made at school- his handprint!

Sabrina surprised me with a potted flower, a pot and soil since she knows that is my new hobby. So thoughtful.

I can never be a green thumb like my husband is, but I’m learning.

My husband took me to my favorite restaurant for mother’s day and although there really isn’t much for me to eat there since I’m a vegetarian, it’s still my favorite restaurant. So I had the mushroom swiss burger but with the black bean patty.

Monday, a work day, but that’s okay. Two surprises came my way. Magster gave me one of her chocolate dipped strawberries that I read about in her blog this morning! Was I excited? Yes-siree!!! So excited that I forgot to take a picture of it before I ate it. Next time (and I hope there will be a next time), I will make sure to take a picture of any treats before I devour them so that I can showcase the beauty of the Magster eating goodness.

The other surprise is that a friend of mine had an extra pair of Toms from the warehouse sale that she wanted to sell for her cousin. I love Toms. I have one red classic pair so far and although I’m not really into shiny things (the shoes are called Navy Glitters), it was such a good deal, that I couldn’t pass it up. So now I have one casual pair and one fancy pair, haha…

Well, that sums up my wonderful weekend and Monday . Until tomorrow.

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