18th birthday party for Sabrina

What a fun party.


My little girl, Sabrina, turned 18 years old. Maybe she is no longer considered a little girl, but she is still my little girl. Oh, and it wasn’t a party, it was a “dinner”, (Mom). Oh, how things change when you turn into an adult.

We crammed 20 adults and soon to be adults in the dining room and computer area of our small house. We used 2 long tables, 16 chairs (somehow it worked… I guess it helped that a few girls showed up late) and 2 blue tableclothes. We used the desserts that Sabrina received from her friends at school as the “centerpieces”. There were a lot of desserts! Brownies, cookies, cupcakes… It’s the tradition of these friends to show up with treats for the birthday celebrant at school. Sabrina also ended up with 2 cakes and a cookie cake from her friends as her “happy birthday” cakes for blowing out the candles. We were all set! I ordered Italian food and there was plenty for everyone. I also bought ice cream to go with the cake.

As party favors, I put pop up stickers on boxes of Junior Mints.

For the main table, I had a potted flower pot of white azaleas and I placed a happy birthday balloon and a blue pinwheel in it.






Sabrina’s dinner was very fun. She really enjoyed it. The best part is that I hardly had to do any clean up afterwards because these adults did most of it without being asked. It was great to see how nicely these girls are growing up, discussing their college plans and planning their futures.
It was a great 18th birthday. Simple… Just the way she wanted it…




“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!

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Happiness is…



*Driving up to your house safely, kid(s) in tow, opening your car door and seeing and smelling the beautiful jasmine flowers that your wonderful husband planted…doing this everyday.

*Eating breakfast with your 5 year old son, even though he is sick and enjoying it because breakfast is our FAVORITE!!!

*Having your 5 year old son always ask you “where’s daddy” …because the three of us are…
“The Human Centipede” (bad, very bad…inside joke)…

*When you text daddy to say that “we love you and miss you today”, Daddy texts back and you ask your son “what do you want mommy to text daddy back?”…. and instead your son INSISTS on texting back himself by taking the phone, texting “the mystery message” AND pressing “send” while saying “BOOM”. You look at your phone and you see this:

Priceless… A developmental milestone in this day and age. And no, you are not getting a cell phone until you are 13. (We can negotiate later)

*Knowing your little baby girl will be 18 years old tomorrow and you are happy because you know that she has grown up to be such a beautiful young woman, inside and out. She is strong, responsible, resilient, driven and oh, so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be Terrific Thursday. I will wake up to the birds chirping and get ready for an awesome day. Until tomorrow.

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