Kitty cats, lollipops and sugar rush…

Things I enjoyed today. Let’s add these to my favorite things list.

I wore my new dress today. It felt “springy” and feminine. It had pictures of lollipops and cats on it, though I’m not a cat person. It was one of the dresses from my blue paper package that was tied up with string.

Another favorite and yummy thing I enjoyed today is this double caramel mini magnum bar.
Sugar rush!!!

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So happy I’m not a plant killer…

My new favorite thing to enjoy is my beginner’s succulent garden. Normally I am a plant killer. Not on purpose, of course. I water too much. I really wanted to start a succulent garden as one of my favorite things. I mean, succulents can’t be THAT hard to maintain. So far, so good. They’re still alive… Yeah!


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