Happiness is…



*Driving up to your house safely, kid(s) in tow, opening your car door and seeing and smelling the beautiful jasmine flowers that your wonderful husband planted…doing this everyday.

*Eating breakfast with your 5 year old son, even though he is sick and enjoying it because breakfast is our FAVORITE!!!

*Having your 5 year old son always ask you “where’s daddy” …because the three of us are…
“The Human Centipede” (bad, very bad…inside joke)…

*When you text daddy to say that “we love you and miss you today”, Daddy texts back and you ask your son “what do you want mommy to text daddy back?”…. and instead your son INSISTS on texting back himself by taking the phone, texting “the mystery message” AND pressing “send” while saying “BOOM”. You look at your phone and you see this:

Priceless… A developmental milestone in this day and age. And no, you are not getting a cell phone until you are 13. (We can negotiate later)

*Knowing your little baby girl will be 18 years old tomorrow and you are happy because you know that she has grown up to be such a beautiful young woman, inside and out. She is strong, responsible, resilient, driven and oh, so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be Terrific Thursday. I will wake up to the birds chirping and get ready for an awesome day. Until tomorrow.

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Super Saturday Saga

I refuse to let this weekend get me down. I am writing this before I even get out of bed so that I promise that to myself. I’ve got a great day planned today- Joshua’s baseball game and after that a fun birthday party to attend! Tomorrow, I plan to make homemade shampoo. That’s going to be fun. I’ve been looking forward to trying that out. I’m not going to let this weekend get me down. It’s going to be a Super Saturday today. Stay tuned, the saga continues.

And here we go- the baseball game was great. Joshua scored 2 runs. We won the game. The birthday party was fun. Afterward, Joshua and I had a lunch date. Bagels and smoothies. I bought myself an extra treat, a sugar cookie.

Now I’m back home. It’s whatever. But I noticed my mood shifted as soon as I walked through the door. I promised I would make today a super Saturday. I don’t want my mood to start dipping. I have an idea! I will go out and buy the ingredients for my homemade shampoo. That will get me out and about. I’ll take Josh with me because he’s my big little helper.

There. I’m back to awesome again. Now if only I can get my butt off this chair.

I’m back. I got my butt off the chair. Not to go to the store but to take pictures. It was relaxing and uplifting. I took pictures of the jasmine flowers and succulents in the backyard. It was also good exercise because I had to get in some strange positions to get these shots.

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