Different ways to journal to fit your lifestyle

There are different ways to journal and different types of journals to fit your lifestyle. Journaling is a great way to document your life, express yourself and reflect on your progress and growth.

Daily Journal These type of journals are great to record the moments of your life that you want to remember. I started a journal when I was about 10 years old. It was a black and white composition book. I would write about activities that I did with family and friends that I enjoyed, my favorite T.V. shows (with pictures that I cut out from the T.V. guide), my favorite snacks and my favorite things to do. Now that I think about it, it was very similar to what I write about now (in this blog). Basically, a few of my favorite things.

Secret Diary A diary is a great way to journal your feelings. I had a secret diary. I wrote my secret thoughts about my friends, family, my crushes and later, my boyfriends. I kept my diary as safe as I could. I wrote religiously in a diary until I was in college. Once I got married and had a baby, I stopped altogether. Then I started a baby journal.

Baby Journal These types of journals are a great way to document your child’s special milestones and memories. I had one for my daughter. I had a little notebook in which I wrote down her developmental milestones like the first time she rolled over and the first time she walked. I wrote down her first words and all the words that she said after that. She was a very talkative baby and she started talking early so it was fun to document the words and phrases that came out of her little mouth. When she got a little older, I started scrapbooking.

Scrapbooks Scrapbooking became a passion for me. It was my way of keeping a journal of my daughter’s special milestones. I have so many scrapbooks of my daughter. In each page, I wrote whatever came to my mind and special memories that I wanted to remember about each event. I also dedicated scrapbooks to special events, such as a school days scrapbook. In it, I wrote down the name of her friends, any nicknames she had, her favorite things and what she liked to do. She has her class picture and group picture for each grade as well as special artwork that I wanted to keep. I have each grade documented until she graduated from high school. It’s all in one book. I also dedicated a scrapbook to her Christmas memories. In it is every picture she took with Santa Claus, her letter to Santa Claus, her Christmas list and pictures from each year of her opening presents. I confess that when my son was born, I didn’t dedicate myself to the art of scrapbooking his memories like I did with my daughter. But I do have a few scrapbooks for him. I had found another way to document his memories. I started blogging.

Start a blog In 2013, when my son was 5 years old, I started this blog. For me it was a gratitude journal but it also documented some of the special moments and memories of his life. It’s fun to look back and read those posts. They are so special. Many people have blogs to document their lives. It’s a fun way to share your special memories.

Fitness or weightloss journal Another type of journal is a fitness or weight loss journal. These days, there are apps specifically for this purpose. They make it so easy to document your progress. To journal your fitness journey, you can write down your weight loss and fitness goals. You can document your weight and measurements each week (or day if you chose). If you are counting calories, you can write down all the foods you ate in the day as well as how many calories each was worth. If you are counting carbs, you can do the same. You can also write down what you did for exercise, for how long and if you know, how many calories you burned. Doing this helps keep you on track. It also helps you see the progress you have made.

Dream Journal A dream journal helps you figure out your dream and your subconcious mind. In a dream journal, you can write down your dream, what happened in your life that might have sparked this dream and what you think your dream could mean. There are dream dictionaries that you can use for this purpose such as dreammoods.com. Keeping a dream journal is an interesting way to figure yourself out. I know that when I kept a dream journal, I tend to over analyze way too much. So I stopped doing a dream journal and I started a gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal This is my favorite kind of journal. You can start off by listing three things each day that you are thankful for and if you have more than three, even better. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. I start each morning, before I even get out of bed listing at least 3 things in my head that I am grateful for. I try to list three different things each day. Some days, it is the same three things. And some days, they are simple things that make me happy. When I started my blog in 2013, it started as a gratitude journal. It’s reflective to look back and read all blessing I have to be grateful for. If there is any type of journal you should have, it is a gratitude journal. I highly recommend it. It will change your life.

Goal Journal/Bucket List If you are an ambitious person with lots of goals that you want to meet, a great journal to have is a goal journal. You can write down all of your goals for the year, for the month or even for the day. Then check off which ones you have met. It’s like a roadmap for your life.. A journal like this is a powerful tool that will keep you on track, keep you inspired and keep you motivated to accomplish those goals that you have set for yourself. I suppose this kind of journal is like a bucket list because you are documenting the life experiences that you want to experience and the goals that you have for life.

Bullet Journal A bullet journal is another type of journal that is very popular these days. I don’t have one but I suppose my weekly and monthly calendar is like a bullet journal. I write down my appointments for the day, my goals for the day, the things I need to do for the day and sometimes I even write down quotes that I like. However, I think bullet journals these days are more organized and comprehensive. Some people sketch and doodle and create some really good art in their bullet journals.

Mood Journal A mood journal is great to record your moods like when you sense your mood is changing, what happened, when it happened, the trigger for this mood and solutions. If you are experiencing a variety of moods and you want to know why and help yourself, a mood journal might help.

In all of these journals, you can add a motivating quote for the day. I feel that quotes help to process, motivate and inspire.

I recommend starting a journal of any kind that fits your lifestyle. They are a great way to motivate, reflect and inspire. It’ a great way to express yourself.

Happy journaling!

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Sunday Feels: A Goodbye present from my daughter

I have good news and bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first. My daughter, Sabrina is leaving for London in 11 days. Ouch.

Now the good news. She’s leaving for London because she will be working on her Master’s Degree at King’s College. What a wonderful opportunity. We are so happy and proud of her for having the courage and determination to follow her dreams. And in London of all places.

We spent a couple of days this week doing some family fun time activities so that we can spend some quality time together before she leaves for London. We had afternoon tea on Monday and on Tuesday, we went to Universal Studios.

Sabrina has been asking me all week to open her goodbye present that she made for me. I had been putting it off because opening the goodbye present would make it all too real that she is leaving for London. I finally said yes and opened her gift. She had decoupaged a box and filled it with thoughtful and heartfelt goodies inside. In it, was a book called “Why you’re so awesome”. I loved flipping through the pages and reading all the things she wrote. She also filled it with pieces of paper but instructed me not to open them until she leaves. She said I can open one each time I miss her (which will be pretty much everyday).

So really, this isn’t bad news. I mean, yes, I will miss her. Yes, she will be 5,437 miles away (ouch). But that’s about it for the bad news. It’s really all good news.

So here’s to Sunday feels. On this thoughtful Sunday, I am thankful for good news and bad news, goodbye presents, handmade decoupaged boxes filled with love notes, a book made just for me, King’s College, Christmas breaks, trips to London, following your dreams, courage and determination but most of all, I am thankful for my daughter. She is my everything.

11 days and counting.

Sweet Monday


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